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Why is the y axis pointing up?


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I've always wondered this. In most engines I've used, (blender included) the Z axis is up.

Is this a French thing? Or do more engines do this than I thought? Just wondering :D 

EDIT: And it looks like three.js is the same, but the x and z directions are different! AHHH WHY



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Having the y axis pointing up is very common in computer graphics. The default coordinate system for OpenGL and DirectX also have the Y Axis pointing up. Some Applications/Editors change it to have Z pointing up (at least they display it that way in th UI, internally it may be different).
Regarding the difference between ThreeJs and BabylonJs. ThreeJs uses a right handed coordinate system (also default in OpenGL) and BabylonJs uses a left handed coordinate system (also default in DirectX).
Since BabylonJs 2.5 you can switch to right handed also (scene.useRightHandedSystem = true).

In general if you exchange scenes/models between engines/applications you always have to check the coordinate system because they may be different. Converting between coordinate systems is usally not very difficult.

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@Kesshi Ahhh that's what I was thinking as wel!

@jerome Yeahhh ik xD For me it's really confusing because my map is built out of a 2D array, with a x and y. And to translate that, the x turns to z and the y turns to x! xD Very messy, so maybe I should just rotate the camera and make everything how I want it

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