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Hey everybody,

First of all big thanks to Pixi.js people for the awesome library. 

I have been using Pixi to develop a simple game and I stumble upon a small bug or I may be doing this wrong. 

So here is the problem, I got a sprite which contains child's sprites.

And I want to destroy it but not the children since I was handling it manually because I need to save the state of each child sprite and then call destroy within them self. So before I calling destroy method I call a custom method on my object,


and then call 

deletingObject.destroy({ children: false, texture: false, baseTexture: false });

but this still destroys all the child within this object, I'm using 


as my Pixi version. and I have attached a screen shot from core developer tools. 


Am I doing the function call wrong or is there something missing. 





Destroy bug.png

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Thanks for the quick reply, Yes you were correct, sourcemaps was messing up the debugs. 

I found the problem, First of all, I thought when call

deletingObject.destroy({ children: false, texture: false, baseTexture: false });

All the children will be still visible on the stage, but little bit digging make me realise that when you delete the parent all the child objects will have null parents hence it won't show on the stage. so it wasn't any bug just me been not fully understanding the scene graph. Anyway, I manage to fix my problem simply by getting all children and setting their parent to the current grandparent.


onDestroy = function () { 
    // Get all the children    
    for (var i = 0; i < this.children.length; i++) {
        // Reset the parent
        this.children[i].parent = this.parent; 
   // Destroy this object
   this.destroy({ children: false, texture: false, baseTexture: false });


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Don't directly assign parent, use the addChild methods of the parent. Otherwise, those objects wont exist in the parent's `children` array and you will have issues. Additionally, your code (when calling destroy) will reset the parent of the children to `null`. The parent property is marked as readonly for a reason :)

Do this instead:

var children = this.removeChildren();

for (var i = 0; i < children.length; ++i) {


That will properly remove the children, properly add them to the parent, then destroy without affecting children/texture/basetexture.

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