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Unexpected behavior with multi-materials


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While using multimatierals the other day I noticed some strange behavior on ios. In our scene we have an object with several materials applied to it. Then as part of the animation we swap out textures on those materials to create the page turning and so on. While this works great on all the other devices when we tried it on iOS it simply reverts to the first texture for all materials. We tried both PBR and standard shaders and the same issue appeared on both. Any ideas what might be causing this?

Playground Example:


Note: to play the animation simply click on the FPS counter at the top right.



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Do not know, but can confirm it does not do the same thing as desktop using 9.3.2.  There have been texture issues with iOS 10, so I did not update (forgot my store password too, & you can not update without it).

You PG is a nice demo, but as an error case it has too many page flips & too fast for me.  I only see it is wrong.

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Ok yeah awsome. I went to set up the playground as Deltakosh requested an realized that all was ok with a simple model with a couple of joints and was coming to a similar conclusion. :)

But again guys thank you so much. I will cut back on the number of bones for sure but is there a "safe" number?

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