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Hi M.   Didjadoo a github source code search for that?  https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/search?p=1&q=needRefreshPerFrame&utf8

See a pattern?  :)  PointLights, directionalLights, spotLights... but no hemisphericLights.  Hmm.  Those are the 3 types of lights that produce shadows.  Hmm.

Oh, and there's shadowGenerator.js line 333 returning in the search, too.  Hmm.  :)

No, I really don't know what it does.  :)  But we can probably pretend like we know what it does, now.  heh.   I hereby pretend... that this setting determines whether the shadow-generating light... gets a re-calculated ShadowProjectionMatrix... each time the shadowGenerator's getTransformMatrix() is called.  :) 

How's that?  Did I sound like I actually have a clue?  :D  Well, I don't, but... I'm glad I sound like I do.

All in all, I think you will want to use your light for a BJS shadowGenerator... and THEN try your tests.  Good luck.  Report results if you like... and... party on!

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good question :) This parameter is used to define if the shadow map needs to be recompute on every frame even if the light does not move.

Actually this is required only for directional lights because the projectionmatrix used by directional lights is dependent on the meshes lit by the light.

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