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Dramatic performance drop wen loading a few sprites


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I'm new to Pixi.js and I'm trying to make a simple scene, in RPGMaker Style (with different tiles on the ground to draw the scene).

I coded a little app that simply creates all the needed sprites, adds them to a Container (or ParticleContainer, tested both), adds the whole container to the scene, and manages a few keyboard inputs.

The result is highly laggy...

What am I doing wrong? I would happily look for other ways to do this but I think I'm doing what guides show, so I don't get it.

Here is the code : http://pastebin.com/C9UUK8nL

Thanks !

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Alriiiiiight, found the error (sorry sometimes you just gotta do something different to finally find :p).

I forgot to "cut" in my tileset (texture.frame = rectangle), importing it all repeatedly over my scene... ! Which I couldn't see because it was imported every 32px... giving me the illusion of a successful Sprite cut and import.

Thanks for the fast answer anyway !

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