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Need Help Stat, clients getting weird Error.


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@Pryme8 -

I'm at a loss - since I checked the scene in 3 different browsers - and other than a missing manifest and 1 texture pushing a "404" - the scene runs flawlessly.  On two rare occasions - it appeared all assets weren't loading prior to render (bot in Safari), otherwise, I received no errors whatsoever - but this you know as I sent a report last night. Even with Safari's tireless console reporting, there is absolutely nothing out of place.

So...  I just now tested in IE on 2 different Windows OS and not a single error in IE running at 42fps and 48fps respectively on 2 dated laptops. So as I mentioned last night, The scene is running well - and I see where it "might" appear that you are attaching an imposter to a null, but there is no problem with doing this, as I built a test scene and generated a mesh imposter for it and it's children, and no errors. So if your client is still claiming to have issues, then it is their hardware and/or OS and/or browser - or some other problem unique to them - since after testing on 5 different hardware devices and systems, and 5 browsers including 2 different versions of IE, your scene performs flawlessly.

As a friend, it's beginning to piss me off now as well, as you know it is an issue with their hardware and/or software - as we've now shown it to work on every possible standard configuration including Opera for God's Sake; and several other hacked configs where I limited browser memory, forced proxy settings, and anything else which might break any "simple" scene - and not a ball buster like you've built for them - and your scene is rock solid! You haven't and don't need to say who the client is, but they have an issue, not you. 

So if you still have this problem with the client tomorrow, simply ask and we can send them the link to your scene on my server - and it'll be a quick conversation. You know I love solving problems, but there are none here to solve.:(



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