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I added my game to steam greenlight about a week ago and it's not going well at all. I hope this is mainly due to my failure to promote. But I am trying to change that. I've created a homepage, made accounts for twitter, imgur and updated infos on indiedb. I will be adding reddit and facebook too. not sure about instagram/tumblr, any other ideas?

for twitter I was wondering if there are any good hashtags to use, related to html5 gaming?

my marketing skills are really terrible, so I would be glad for any pointers.




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For sure I'm not the best one to give you any advice on marketing, but I'll do it anyway.

IMHO there's no point in creating Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc because you don't have an audience. It's like talking to no one.

Also, unless you have thousands of friends and parents, it doesn't worth to send them an email asking them to share the link to your game. 

Let's face: most of them don't like this kind of game or won't share the link to it.

And what you want are sales so if I were you I'd use paid marketing (AdWords, Facebook ads or both).

For this, send users directly to your game's page on steam.

Also, be careful and perform many tests with small amounts of money to figure out what converts better to you.

I hope you success.

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I think I didn't explained me. Sorry.

You definitely must build an audience on social networks. It will help you a lot in the future to promote your games.

But for your current game you don't have an audience yet. In this case, instead of trying to build an audience and them promote it, you're better of using paid advertisement.

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