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Webpack or not?


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I wouldn't use it if you don't need to. It is useful if you have to embed other code and if you want to pack it into a small js-file.

But: It is another cycle after each compiling. I have to use typeScript and webPack in some projects and I think it's pretty annoying because of the time that is running after each compile process. TypeScript is great without any doubt! And it's okay for me to wait for the compiler. But to wait for webpack, too is a bit too much now.

I'm also working on another projects that is javascript-based (no typescript) and without webpack. And I have to say: It feels much better just to reload the page in the browser without waiting for the code to be compiled.

So I will think for every project if I have to use TypeScript and Webpack (and grunt)

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Do you see any advantage in using webpack? like smaller file size, better code management, or faster loading or execution of the game?

If you don't see any of this, or other thing that makes developing your game better or easier there's no point in using another tool.

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Webpack isn't an optimizer that makes your code lighter or faster. It's a dependency wrangler. If your JS declares dependencies (e.g. on commonJS modules, on images, CSS, whatever), then webpack can parse those dependencies and pack up all the necessary files and modules for deployment. If you don't need a tool to do that, I don't think you need to consider using webpack.


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