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new to the forum, working on new game


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Hello everybody,

long time lurker, finally decided to sing in.


I'm fairly new to game dev (and HTML game dev) but I work in mobile JS development (I developed the iScroll in the far far away 2008) and I've always been fascinated by game dev (lots of optimization and problem solving).


I've actually already developed a very betish HTML5 word game few years ago. It was just an experiment to see if a pure HTML (no canvas, just DOM) game could have been done. The game was meant for iPad (but it works on desktop too) and a full screen canvas was a no-no (haven't really checked nowadays). It turned out pretty well and if you can test it at http://hexaga.me/ if you fancy. Actually, the game is open source and doesn't rely on any framework (100% custom code). It's on github https://github.com/cubiq/hexagame but it's objectively messy coded.


I decided to take a couple of months break from work (I'm a freelancer) to develop a tactical-puzzle-RPG (yeah I know...), the idea is not super-cool but I guess I have to start from somewhere. I wanted to use impactJS but it turned out to be not the right tool for a game with a lot of user interaction (click/tap character, pick action, move, pan map, etc...). So I'm actually considering another DOM based game with custom code.


I would like to make a native applications too though and I understand that having the game into a container (namely canvas) it would make it easier to bundle. But I might be completely wrong here, I admittedly have a lot to study yet.


well, thanks for you time. See you around.

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Welcome to the forum! If you want to make a native app you're going to be limited if you build another DOM game. Cocoon or Ejecta for example only accelerate canvas based games, so you'll be forced to use something like PhoneGap :(


yeah, that's what I thought. Indeed phonegap is an option. I think I'll have a look into phaser before going vanilla. The experience with Hexagame was pretty... challenging despite the simplicity of the game. Having a framework on my back wouldn't be that bad this time :)


Also Construct 2 seems pretty nice, but I'm an open source evangelist and I hate closed ecosystem with a passion :)




Welcome to you, famous Cubiq :)


Thanks! Am I famous? :P

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