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Hi @AhmadAli!  You give very little info.

Are your 2 mesh NOT near center of scene... when you import them?  Perhaps you need to change their .position ?  (either in BJS scene or in modeler, before export)

Can you look inside your .babylon file with a JSON viewer or notepad, and see what their .position is set-to?  Are their pivot points set well?  Off topic?  *nod* 

Often, ArcRotateCamera's start with their .target at scene origin (0, 0, 0), but the .target is easy to adjust, anytime.


It is easy to move-around arcCam .target.  In line 9, it started at scene origin.  But in the animation "render loop" (lines 35-40), I go crazy on it.  I move it around with some sine/cosine orbit-stuff (fun!). 

SO, if you .position your mesh near-centered in the scene... and set your arcRotateCam .target near them, your camera should orbit/pivot around the mesh nicely.  If you need to move the camera... to pivot-around mesh #1 ONLY, then set camera.target = mesh1.position.  Same if you need camera to orbit only mesh2.  Set the camera.target to mesh2.position.

Hope this helps.  Explain more, as needed.  Good luck, stay in touch.

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