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Conversation in game


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I have been looking on google for tutorials on how to make your main player have a conversation in your game with the main enemy. or just having a guy telling how things work in the game

It would be awesome if anyone could tell something about creating something like that in your game

I have an example here:

Billedresultat for pewdiepie legend of the brofist

Like in this game where the main character talks with other characters in the game via the black bar at the bottom.

Any help would be amazing :) thank you.

EDIT: Maybe something where the text gets written while on screen 

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I made exactly this sort of thing, with the typewriter effect and all, in the game I am currently making...

Take a look here:

Click play or tutorial when the menu loads, and you will see what I made for this sort of thing...
The code is here:


There is some extra character movement stuff in there you may not want, and portrait display and positioning, but the text part is there...

It uses a list of commands that it cycles through when the player clicks the screen...
When it runs out, the scene changes to the next gameplay screen...


Forgot to mention that I also have a base scene set up to do fade transitions between scenes, using this.done to tell when I need to fade out...
If you were having trouble finding where I swap scenes, it happens in a different file, but doFadeOut is used in this one to tell when I need it...

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