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Room using Blender & babylonjs

Raghavender Mylagary

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I am trying to build a basic room by exporting the design from blender to .babylon file and opening the file using Babylon.JS in a browser. When i am using ARCRotate camera the blender is not able to generate the .babylon file. Please find the attached blend file. 

sofa set1.blend


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Have not looked at your file, but do not think I need to.  There is a high probability that you did not set a target for the camera.  Do you have this in your log file?


Camera type with mandatory target specified, but no target to track set.  Ignored

If so, select camera then select your target mesh.  Type ctrl-t, then select "Track to Constraint"

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@Raghavender Mylagary ; Welcome to the forum Raghavender :)

You need to set a "target" for the camera constraint for the Arc Rotate Camera to work.

Usually I create a tiny cube where I want the camera to look and use that as the target. You can make the cube invisible in your scene by going to the   "Outliner" and clicking on the camera icon for that cube.

cheers, gryff :)


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@Raghavender Mylagary OK, using the new file you posted.

Follow these steps:

1. You have a mesh that defines two walls with edge boards and the floor.. It is called "Plane". So Select it and then Object->Duplicate.
2. Hide all the other objects except this new one (name should be Plane.003) and go into "Edit Mode" and Select the one vertex all by itself that defines a corner of the floor and Delete (X key) that one vertex.
3. Go back into "Object Mode" and rotate this new object 180 degrees about the Z-axis. Apply the rotation.
4. Now unhide all the objects and Select Plane.003 and the original Plane and Object ->Join. This merges the two objects back into a single object.

Set up your ArcRotate camera (it is still set to Free camera in the above file) and export. Image of result below - two views of chairs.

You will notice that there is a problem with the backs and sides of the chairs (objects Plane.001 and Plane.002 - outlined in green below). You need to "Recalculate the Normals Outside" for these two objects.

cheers, gryff :)

Comment: That is a lot of vertices for two chairs and a table



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