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3D CAD Engineers "standard" mouse scene controlling


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Hi guys!

   Hey, a guy named @Rolento was perhaps the first forum user to create a custom camera input.  He was trying to get some activity to happen when center and right mouse buttons were pressed at the same time... and then drag.  He talked about his battle... here.  Unfortunately, the quest ended with abandonment, but we DID get some interesting playgrounds from the endeavor.  I grabbed one of them, and "ran with it" ... right here.

Custom camera inputs is REAL new for me.  I BARELY understand them.  BUT... the above playground (#1RGN1Y#10) IS currently doing what @iTekVR has asked-for.  BUT... it is VERY sensitive and radical.  It is not yet "tamed".  heh.   Just the same, I thought I would link it... and see if anyone else would like to try being a drag tamer.  :)

So there ya go.  Rotate on left, strafe/slew on right, zoom on the wheel.  It's working... almost.

More importantly... with the help of @Rolento and @Deltakosh and iTek's request... I am learning about custom camera inputs.  YAY!  Scary, though.  Not for children.  heh.

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Just overwrite the standard behavior, replace the cursor to none and make a overlay canvas that redraws the cursor, so you can freeze its locations and then manipulate the camera from the mouse move events on the hidden real mouse.  The thing you will have to watch out for is going off the context of the canvas but a simple mouseout response will fix that.

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