[Newbiew Question] To what extends I can keep using phaser.min.js?

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I have downloaded Phaser from github and I saw all the examples and tutorials there are using phaser.min.js or phaser-example.js. However I saw in the src folder there are a ton of js files.


My question are to what extend I can keep using phaser.min.js?

And when it is necessary to import those js files from src folder?


I am sorry if this obvious question. I am new to js and just moved from flixel. :) I would be grateful if someone would like to explain me. :D

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You should include phaser.min.js in your html when you deploy the final, finished version of your game.


Until that point you should use phaser.js (the non-minified version) as you'll get accurate debugging / line numbers from it should something die internally.


You only really need to use the src files if you are:


1) Hacking around the library (which I totally encourage btw!)

2) Trying to fix a Phaser bug or track-down a Phaser specific error

3) Wanting to understand how the code works better.


The reason the examples use the raw source files is because we use them as a form of unit test, and are constantly testing new features in the library, and it'd be a pain to have to rebuild the phaser.js file every single time just to do this. So usually we only do that when we release a new version.

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