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playground-like IDE


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I know some people here are hosting the playground on their own websites.

If it's open source, you'll probably be able to download the code and use it offline as well.

I'm not sure however if it's indeed open source or if it's given only to specific members.


There's nothing that can be called an IDE though, you should develop your bjs app in a standard javascript/typescript environment. The purpose of the playground is to share code online with other members.

If you'll use typescript, you'll have intellisense that'll be just like the one in the editor that comes along with the playground.

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Welcome to the forum, @securet... good to have you with us.

Yeah, the playground rocks, eh?  I love that thing.

Don't forget about the playground docs, and playground editor hot keys list.  (I hope those are still fresh) :)  Take them with ya, too.

Holy crap, it's @Temechon!  Did they finally release you from Guantanamo Bay?  'Bout time, huh?  You were coding their Oculus Waterboarding VR, right?  heh.  (good to see you, wayfaring stranger!)

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