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FollowCamera with Blender imported mesh

Richard C

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Hi again.

I have imported a scene/mesh from Blender. I am experimenting with followCamera. When creating the camera it points from top down which is not what I want. I need to see the scene from the side not the top. I assume this is because Blender has z-UP rather than Y_Up although this is only a guess. 

What do I need to do to make the followCamera not point in the top/down direction but rather on the (Babylon) z-axis or x-axis.

I see there is a follow Camera option in Blender. I have tried this but it didn't seem to work. Do I need to use constrain to object in Blender instead of lockedTarget in Babylon 

Help would be greatly appreciated.


Richard C

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Hi RC.  Hey, check out http://doc.babylonjs.com/classes/2.4/FollowCamera

See the followCam .radius and .heightOffset properties?  Check those, after the import. 

IF .radius = low number or zero, this MIGHT cause overhead view.  Set camera.radius to a substantial value...  bigger.  :)

IF .heightOffset is a high number... this could cause the same problem (especially with a .lockedTarget or similar setTarget() ).   Set camera.heightOffset to zero, or a small number.  Think of this as "camera height above target".  A side-view would have little or none.

Good luck.   :)

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