Sprites Colliding with Corners Causes Deceleration and Direction Change

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I have an issue where I've got a row of rectangular sprites, drawn with phaser graphics, sitting in a seamless row. I then have some circle sprites set to move with set velocity in any of four directions (200x200, 200x-200, -200x200 or -200x-200) and bounce off this row of rectangular sprites. However, and this is behavior I've noticed before in a similar situation, whenever a circle sprite hits a rectangular one directly on the corner, the velocity drops drastically and it's direction changes substantially.

Any clue on why this particular behavior occurs and any steps I can take in fixing it?

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I shall look into that but I think it's unlikely, as I can see this behavior when I have a single rectangle on it's own. I'll put together a sandbox to try and replicate it.


EDIT: here's a sandbox:

There's some oddness occurring when the circles hit the side of the purple square (they should bounce off, but they vanish) which isn't happening on my local version but I think the issue I'm having is quite clearly replicated. Also, sorry my code is a mess, I'm currently refactoring and I've been doing some chopping and changing.

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Added Sandbox Link

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