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Mesh position does not move with animation


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I have a door which slides open (just like a lift door) using scene.beginAnimation(skeletons, 0, 100, false, 1.0);

When I try to enter the door from the empty space after the door has slided, if I have collisions enabled on my camera, I can't, because the camera collides with the door. The mesh coordinates are not updated with the skeleton movement, because Scene.pick  still "hits" the door at its position when it was closed.

This question has been asked before but I think there was no fair and clear answer.


Is there a solution to this issue? If yes, in Babylon or bone hierarchy in 3D software ie:3DSMax ?

Finally, what is this skeleton property needInitialSkinMatrix?

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Only a skeleton/bones collection provides smooth animation. I don't want to translate the mesh, if that is what you implied.

Just a note here, that I guess mesh coordinates are not updated since looping wouldn't work,since looping starts from early position.

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