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blinder mesh


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This was made in blender, so the answer might be yes.  I am using shape keys and queued interpolation extension.  If your .blend mesh already has a skeleton of reasonable # of bones, you may wish to go that way.  You could either make animations in blender & export, or make a pose library in Blender, then generate a QI pose library & build your animation on the fly.

Sorry, I have many hardware problems right now, so I can not help you (I rarely even respond to first time posters).  Btw, neither shape key nor skeleton pose library route are documented right now.  To be honest, this does not really look like a good first scene.  You probably need to pay some dues first, unless you are already really good with javascript & blender already.

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49 minutes ago, technomacx said:

is it possible import bird 3dmodel from blinder and control the model via babylone like wings movment head ...etc?

@technomacx : Hi techo :) Welcome to the forum.

Yes certainly possible - with a rig or not. Depends somewhat on how your "bird" is constructed. Is it a detailed model (perhaps with just one just one mesh) or a low poly model made from several meshes ?

cheers, gryff :)

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