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One room, too many spiders and a laser...


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Hi guys,

This weekend I joined ludum dare again and I managed to build a game using babylonJS.

The theme that was chosen was "one room".

This is the game I created:


You play with the mouse, holding down the mouse button fires the laser. Not much more to say.. obviously you don't want them to reach the bed.

Pressing "s" toggles sound on and off.

And here is a short timelapse of the creation within about 13 hours.

(This  includes creating everything from code to assets, except for the custom loading screen.)

Thank you guys for the cool engine and the awesome playground examples.

Special thanks to everyone from http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/21992-creating-a-scanning-laser-effect/;)


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Hi David @Deltakosh

I feel really honored that you offered to put my game on the babylonJS homepage, and I of course accept this offer.

Here is the 800x500 picture: http://jppresents.net/static/ld37/SweetDreams.png

You can credit me by "jppresents", "jppresents.net" or if you prefer to put up a real name "Jan Peter Simonsen".

As for the title of the game, for ludum dare I decided to titel it "sweet dreams" - but if you want to go with something more actually descriptive "spider hunter" or something like that is fine for the babylon page.

I assume you will link to http://jppresents.net/static/ld37 - that url is supposed to be as permanent as possible. If you prefer to host the game on the homepage itself I can also send you the complete package.

(I would have send this by direct message, but I guess you either have a full inbox or just disabled pms because it would get too many to actually all read)

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