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Found 19 results

  1. Here's the game I made for Ludum Dare #38: Terrartisan. It's a terraforming game with two game modes: quest (in which you have to solve a "puzzle" and learn the rules of the simulation) and freestyle, where you get to build a world of your liking. I also wrote a post-mortem at my blog that shows how the game was built step by step. The game was made with JavaScript and Phaser. I hope you like it! And if anybody joined Ludum Dare too, please consider rating the game at the LD site when the judging starts. Thanks!
  2. entry for ludum dare 38 with the theme A SMALL WORLD a story-platformer-metroidvania-thing hope you like it! feedback is welcomed or with fullscreen support on itch:
  3. Hi guys, This weekend I joined ludum dare again and I managed to build a game using babylonJS. The theme that was chosen was "one room". This is the game I created: You play with the mouse, holding down the mouse button fires the laser. Not much more to say.. obviously you don't want them to reach the bed. Pressing "s" toggles sound on and off. And here is a short timelapse of the creation within about 13 hours. (This includes creating everything from code to assets, except for the custom loading screen.) Thank you guys for the cool engine and the awesome playground examples. Special thanks to everyone from
  4. Hi all, I made a game for Ludum Dare #35! Meet Sky Panic: It's a retro, infinite, cute shump. Your ship has two modes you can switch to: fighter and bomber. The game was created using JavaScript / Phaser. Graphics were made with Aseprite and the pico-8 colour palette. And for audio, I used some online editors: bxfr for sound effects, and Audiotool for the background music loop. I also wrote a post-mortem in my blog that features a log with step-by-step pics of the progress. I hope you like it! Here are the controls: Tab: switch between bomber and fighter Arrow keys: move Spacebar: shoot PS: This was a compo entry, and since I had to create everything from scratch in just 48h, I didn't have time to add more enemy types or a final boss (something that I really wanted to do!).
  5. It's good to see cool Ludum Dare entries made with Phaser - I also did one. It's a very simple shape collecting mobile game. Me and my wife decided to finish a game, no matter how small. It won't win any prizes, and you can probably find a lot more games like this. Still, it's something. Play the game online at You can also rate the game on LudumDare's page I've used our Enclave Phaser Template and was inspired by the Off The Hook demo game from Interphase 1. You can read the post mortem on my blog - how we managed to make a game in a team of three where one was my one month old daughter.
  6. Hey all, I posted in the "Games made with Phaser" mega thread but I thought it might be nice to have a specific place for people who made a game with Phaser for the Ludum Dare 35 game jam to post their games so that other Phaser developers who also made games can see and rate them. As it stands, it's really hard to find Phaser games on the Ludum Dare website. Mine is Transform! The Three Natures You can find links to the game and the source via the Ludum Dare website page.
  7. Here's my entry for Ludum Dare 35 Jam Just a short platformer with some powerups/abilities
  8. A multiplayer space combat game written in 48 hours with phaser, nodejs, and Transform your ship into three different configurations for speed, combat, or mining. Direct link Entry page with source
  9. Shiftah is not only my first LD entry, but also my first ever game! I've been messing about with Phaser for a few months now, loving every minute of it... so thought I'd enter Ludum Dare for the first time. The theme was 'ShapeShift', which just basically screams 'Altered Beast' to me... however with my limited graphical acumen, what I've ended up with is an endless runner style game where you navigate your ship through an onslaught of blocks and shapes, trying not to get stuck. The physics are a bit shonky, it has to be said - (I could do with a bit of help on that), but as it stands the game is playable. All in, this was about 30 hours work and includes my first attempts at MOD tracker music too! You can play the game directly or view my LD submission page.
  10. Hi all, I wanted to share my entry for the last Ludum Dare: Metal vs Hipsters. You can play the game here. This was an entry for the compo (not the jam), so only me for 48 hours… It's not as completed / polished as I would have liked, but it's a huge improvement over my previous entry, so I'm quite happy with it. I wrote a full post-mortem at my blog, with step by step screenshots. I won't reproduce it here, since it's quite long, but here's a teaser of one of the first phases of the game: One of the most common feedback I've received already is that I should have made the game infinite, with random spawning of enemies, instead of pre-designed waves. In retrospective, I kind of agree with it, specially since it was a jam and I had very limited time to design the waves / levels and I had to settle with just 5. Also, lack of animations. I should have chosen a different art style that would have allowed me to create animations as well. With this style, I didn't have time for them I hope you guys like it. For those interested, the source code is available on Github. And if you'd like to vote the game on Ludum Dare, here's the link to the entry. Thanks! Any feedback would be appreciated
  11. Convey: A Ludum Dare 31 Jam entry by me (Charles Burnham) and Megan Yoon. Avoid spikes, jump on creatures and boxes to avoid being pushed off the conveyor belt. Also collect some coins. Use Chrome for best performance (Firefox will also work) M: toggle mute/music mute Left/Right: move left/right Space: jump R: restart Ludum Dare page: link to game: More screens:
  12. No LD48#30 topic yet..? Well, here we go...! I'll post games in this OP when they come in... Xeke Death: Game: LD Page: BitOfGold: Game: LD Page: http://www.ludumdare...eview&uid=40380 villetou: Game: LD Page: http://www.ludumdare...eview&uid=36242 jzcoder: LD page: http://www.ludumdare...preview&uid=822 oxysoft: LD Page: IAmSpencer: LD Page: c023-dev: LD Page: Thrainsa: Game: LD Page: rhmoller: Game: LD Page: Source: jkcxn: LD Page:
  13. I entered Ludum Dare 29 on the weekend. I decided to fly solo this time around and do the 48 hour compo. The theme was 'Beneath the Surface'. Here's what I came up with: Flappy Bird is stealing Mario's pipes. This means war! In response, Mario has torpedoed Flappy Bird's supply ship. Salvage all 10 pipes to give Mario back his mojo. - Use the arrow keys to move. - A and Z to surface/dive. - Space to grapple or release pipes. The game was created using PlayCanvas, the cloud-hosted game engine. The game is powered by WebGL and HTML5. You'll need a WebGL enabled browser to play it. Chrome, Firefox, Opera and IE11 should be fine. PLAY NOW If you want to explore, fork or modify the game, go here.
  14. INTRODUCTION: while(true); is my entry for Ludum Dare 29, 'Beneath the Surface'. The game takes place in an endless loop that lies beneath the surface. You take a role of a random guy who happen to get stuck in the loop. There is no way out, but you do not mind: the loop is filled with infinite amount of gems, and oh boy you love those shiny gems! You want to collect as my gems as possible before you die. There is one but: the loop is also filled with mystic black boxes and fireballs. You cannot do anything to the boxes, but you can 'fight back' the fireballs by using your magic shield. SCREENSHOT (I know you love them!): LINKS: (of course you want to play the game, don't you?): Ludum Dare: Game Jolt: (it's recommend to have Game Jolt account to get access to the leaderboards and trophies) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Feel free to give feedback, I would appreciate that! I cannot make any changes until the voting ends, but I may do a post-jam edition some day.
  15. I finished my second Ludum Dare game, Dungeon Break! Link: Story: A deranged wizard has trapped you in his magical dungeon deep beneath the ground! To escape you need exploit the dungeon itself. Reach the stairs to get to the next level and finally -- to the surface and to freedom! Controls: Mouse/touch only. Click adjacent tiles to move left/right/up/down. Click and drag (e.g. swipe) tiles to push rows horizontally and columns vertically. NOTE: Rows/columns containing "X"-blocks cannot be pushed. Development tools:Coded in Haxe using the Flambe game engine. Graphics are doing using Pixelmator. Music is made using Autotracker + Audacity. Sound effects are made using Sfxr (procedurally).
  16. XekeDeath

    Ludum Dare 28

    Ludum Dare 28 is fast approaching. (This weekend, for those wondering...) Anyone planning on rocking a Phaser entry? If I find the time to make something, and somewhere to host an entry that isn't my local machine, Phaser will be my framework of choice. This post was getting really long, so I dumped the entries in this handy Spoiler tag..! Entries:
  17. So Ludum Dare came and went last weekend and the theme was 'You Only Get One'. There were a few PlayCanvas games submitted and here are the ones we've found so far: 1) Going Around, by @daredevildave (Project link)This is a point and click adventure. You only get one (game) hour to get all the things Ann needs to leave the house. It's based on video game radio show One Life Left 2) ACCELERally, by @willeastcott (Project link)A 'one button control' game where you drive a truck along a randomly generated track. You can only control the car by accelerating (using LMB, space bar or screen touch). You only get one minute to drive as far as you can! 3) Hungry Self-Eating Centipede, by @vkalpias (Project link)You only get one... body! And since you are a HUNGRY self-eating centipede, your tail wants to eat it! So you need to collect food as fast as you can in order to stay alive. This is an endless-runner, Snake type of game in which your body gets smaller and smaller over time and you have to collect power ups to grow it back up for as long as you can. 4) Charitable Donation, by @LizzipFish (Project link)In this game you only have one coin/ball, you must use it to save as many people as possible. The game is based on a charity coin cascade, but it seems to be magical (or broken). Depending on where the coin lands, you might save people, or get more coins. Keep going until you run out of coins and save as many people as possible. In game, choose one of the top four slots to drop the ball through, then click 'DROP THE BALL!' to drop it. 5) The Bridge, by @yngar (Project link)You only get one enemy. These two rectangles hate each other. Knock the other off the bridge to win. This game is 2 player only. Player 1 uses A and D to move left and right, W and S to spin, and G to jump. Player 2 uses the arrow keys to move and spin, and space to jump. Enjoy!
  18. Hi all, this is my first post here. Happy to find such an active HTML5 dev community. I've been messing around with the canvas for a year or so and for my latest Ludum Dare entry, I wrote my first puzzle game. It's called Alcheminion and you control a little guy who runs around, trying to obey the wishes of his master. You can play it HERE. Controls: WASD to move and M to mute the sound.
  19. This weekend will be pretty busy. If you're a big fan of game dev competition, besides Flight Magic Run which is always on every week, this weekend will be the 27th Ludum Dare. Topics are being voted right now, and you can participate to what topic it might be. Also, if you plan on entering Ludum Dare be sure to check out their rules. Anyone here interested in joining?