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Advertising your app with Leadbolt for more traffic ?


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I've been developing games for few months. So I have met  with few sponsors and made a deal for licensing, rev share and some sponsors just get the game for free but I can integrate my own ads (leadbolt).


So far I got a good or average revenue from leadbolt. Around 33k impression a day and few thousand clicks for one game for one day, and usually revenue is around 3-9 USD for one day. This is just for one sponsor with multiple portals though.


But I was thinking about advertising my own game to increase the traffic a little more. Has anybody done this ?


Can anybody share some info about how much that you spent and the traffic improvements that you get before doing  the advertising ?


Just to be clear I`m talking about advertise with leadbolt (your app or game will appear in the leadbolt banner or wall) not about integrating leadbolt ads into your game.




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I can tell you from my own experience on Flash (I have a portal with my own games and with games from 3rd parties).


In my case revenue is lower than the expended money on advertisiment. So why I continue to invest in advertising my portal? Because i want to create a brand so people will hopefully remember of my site when they decide to play. It's a long time investment.


You have to decide yourself if you want to take this way. But rest assured that the money expended on advertising will be much higher than the return (if your game revenue is solely based on ads). In case you game monetize with in-app purchase it may be a good idea to make some ad campaigns.


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