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This is basic Javascript? And you know basic Javascript! As you show in this question

So still do not understand what it is you want to know. Please get it absolutely clear in your own mind exactly what it is you want to know and try to state it specifically and in detail. What data do you have and what do you want to do with it to achieve what ends? The above question was much clearer so what is your new question?

Having done that start again with a new question and title.

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You can get all the meshes in a scene by using scene.meshes: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#DH9CZ#0

Maybe your problem is that you tried scene.getActiveMeshes() or scene.getMeshesByID() or something like that? Those work a bit differently. I don't see what other problem could occur. What's your goal, what do you want to achieve in the end?

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It would be good Aden if you could make the subject title clearer, because until then, I only see words: "instanced", "textures", "array", You write only words. And if you find a bug, you do what as title "bug", "problem", "error". 

And your explanations are so short that we can not understand what you want to do. Feel free to take a long time to create your topics, put details so that everyone understands the issues. 

Do not hesitate also to use formulas of politeness, hello, thank you does not hurt people. I find this unpleasant people who never thank for the time others take to help.

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