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How big is the Chrome Web Store market?


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 I know the iOS mobile app market is about 500M devices, and Android is 1B devices. Anyone know how big a market the Chrome Web Store is?  I am talking about apps written specifically to run on Chromebooks, which I assume are written in HTML5/CSS/JS.

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First you will need to install Chrome Dev Editor if you haven't already: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/chrome-dev-editor/pnoffddplpippgcfjdhbmhkofpnaalpg

Also start reading the dev docs for Chrome Apps (which is what the Chrome browser and laptop run): https://developer.chrome.com/apps/first_app

The market should be really big with things such as this being reported.

Chrome Apps have access to the user's file system and the data is also persistent. I advise that you read the docs to get a little bit more on how to create apps for the chrome webstore.

You have to understand that Chrome App are installed onto the users device (usually). For example, Chrome Dev Editor (CDE), the editor I referenced for creating chrome apps, is installed onto your device through the chrome webstore.

(by the way, this is possible without CDE)

CDE comes with a lot of cool features such as testing on mobile and a web server for running the app on localhost. You can also run and view the app on your PC which is neat.

This is great because it means you can also make games using CDE. Using Phaser for example.

But yea, like I said, just read the docs.


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I don't know how many Chromebooks are out there, but my web traffic indicates the number is significant, even if less than iOS and Android. However, the number of Chromebooks is not necessarily the most important metric to consider. Android and iOS have huge user bases, but the odds of your app being noticed in their app stores is dismal. There appears to be significantly less competition in the Chromebook store, so the odds of being seen there should be better. Also, the nature of your app is important since the vast majority of iOS and Android devices are phones, whereas Chromebooks are notebooks.

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5 hours ago, b10b said:

Great point - gamers with limited sources of supply who will favour keyboard over touch.

Sadly, most of the games are online. Only a few devs like https://ga.me/ and http://www.orangepixel.net/ release games that are offline. Most of the games are pretty much links to the game's sponsor website (where you can play the game)

Good news is that the mentioned devs create some really nice games. Only issue here is that they aren't free games (They have demos, but yea, that's about as free as they get). I feel like if we created more freemium style games we would gain more. But hey that's just my opinion.

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