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GET BJS GitHub Repo Folder into PG - Help Plz


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Hi gang!  http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1BTGPV#3

I am trying to "load" the contents of a BJS src folder... into the playground.  (the camera/inputs folder).  Line 49 sets the URL-to-folder, which COULD be in the wrong format (might need to be cdn.rawgit.com).  I've tried various jQuery GET and $ajax goofy things... no success, so far.  Is this even possible?

My eventual goal is to parse .ts files in the playground.   But, I also need a folder contents reader / gatherer.

I suppose it arrives (if at-all possible) as an HTML doc, needing munge.

Can ya help me?  Thanks!

Aside:  Isn't it strange... how joysticks were the #1 gaming input device for over 20 years, and now, we (and browsers) ignore it's existence, including for BJS inputs?  I never have understood that.  It's as if joysticks pissed somebody off.  :D

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