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API integration, anyone else hate it ?


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If you think about it all the client APIs are looking out for much the same game events:

  • game start
  • level complete
  • player score
  • game end
  • etc

I've found the simplest thing to do is make each game dispatch events to a generic client API handler at these points. Then whenever I configure a build for a client with a new API I just have to add their function calls in to the existing generic client API handler, which takes only a few minutes to do. 

Where it potentially gets more complex is when you have to expose methods of your game to calls from the client side like sound on / off, pause / unpause. But then if you get it working once you can just copy that across any future games.

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The APIs that require users to log in are the hardest to implement, sending a http request to /login.php and waiting for the response, checking the response, updating the game, ugh.


That aside, the only APIs I have used is the gamejolt api, for their user logins, leader-boards, high-scores, achievements, etc... 

and the clay.io api, for advertisements, leaderboards, and stuff. 


Haven't done any games yet that require user payment. I can only imagine the horrors within... : /


That said, I've never sold a html5 game before, so I can do whatever I want with it. ( yay )

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