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Right-handed system does not work with fog?


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I think it's safe to assume that fFogDistance is not negative, because fog is computed according to its distance to the camera.

If I modify fogVertex.fx to be

#ifdef FOG
fFogDistance = abs((view * worldPos).z);

and the end of sprites.vertex.fx to be

	// Fog
#ifdef FOG
	fFogDistance = abs(viewPos.z);

I can get correct fog for both left-handed system and right-handed system.

Is this solution correct?

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Wow, interesting, zhutq!  Sorry for slow replies. 

This is a "big dog" issue... for people much smarter than I.  But I wanted to say... that it is extra cool that you went digging deep for solutions, and in shader code!  Good initiative, and bravery!  Good troubleshooting and interesting findings.

It has been a "sleepy weekend" on the forum.  Now it is a new week - perhaps more readers, soon. 

I am going to ping @Deltakosh and @NasimiAsl and I should probably ping @Nabroski too.  I should ping some other Gods, as well, but we'll start with these 3.  I'll bother more people at mid-week, if replies remain low.  :)  Again, good code-sniffing, z!

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