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Reload Pandajs game


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Hi all, 


I'm a web developer with no experience in gaming, and I have to integrate a Panda Game in my AngularJs app (SPA). First time I load the code everything goes fine, once the game is finished I redirect the user to my own states (angularjs pages) but he can start the game again. I don't know how to load the game again, because the scripts are already loaded in the single page app and "game.createScene('Main', {..." has to be called each time to load some new data mandatory.


Could someone give me some light....

Thanks in advance!

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Hi there!

I'm new to this framework, so take my suggestions with a grain of salt: generally, if you want to restart the game, you have to use an addTimer that recall the scene Main.

Somewhat like that:

game.scene.addTimer(2000, function() {game.system.startScene('Main');});

Hope that was fitting!

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Thanks for your answer, but this is not my problem. I guess that Canvas object is not there anymore (at least not visible but in memory), and when I start the main scene again it runs but I see nothing....

I need some way to restart/reload the game object to create the new canvas object. is it possible?

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Finally I "solved" the problem removing the canvas object and reloading the game scripts dynamically when I want to play again, and Panda uses the new canvas. So I can play any times I want reloading the game and executing the logic I need before starting it (angular functions).

But.... When I type anything on a Textbox the Panda events ara executed crashing the app, so I guess I'm not stopping the game correctly. Oh God, how can I STOP the game and all panda events with loading a new page (single page app)?

Here the code:
game.createScene('End', {

    init: function() {

        var background = new game.Sprite('pastilla.png').center().addTo(this.stage);

        this.scoreContainer = new game.Container().addTo(this.stage);
        this.score = new game.EndScore( SCORE );

        this.btn = new game.PandaButton({
            container: game.system.stage,
            text: "CONTINUAR",
            font: { family: 'Arial', size: 100, color: "#262626"},
            scale: false, 
            position: { x: 675, y: 550 },
            size: { width: 600, height: 200 },
            background: 0xffbd31,
            border: 0x262626,
            borderSize: 8,            
            enabled: true 
        }, function () {



game.createScene('Empty', {

    init: function () {
        var background = new game.Sprite('pastilla.png').center().addTo(this.stage);
        this.addTimer(100, callBackGame1, true);

AngularJS callback code called by callBackGame1 (game1 is the canvas id):


  $scope.callBack = function () {
        function exit() {
            if ($window.game) {
                var myEl = angular.element(document.querySelector('#game1'));
                $window.game = null;

            $state.go('studentMenu', { subMenu: 'game1' });


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