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getHeightAtCoordinates not work with ImportMesh


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I have a ground serialize with SerializeMesh() that I save in a babylon file. When I reload this file with ImportMesh:  getHeightAtCoordinates, updateCoordinateHeights, optimize ... does not work.  In fact everything concerning the ground create with CreateGroundFromHeightMap() or CreateGround() is serialized as mesh but can no longer be used as a terrain. We can only edit the properties on the mesh and not the geometry that no longer exists after serialization.

May be missing a serialization for the ground, like serialiserGround() in addition to serializeMesh(). Or convert a mesh to ground after using ImportMesh for used getHeightAtCoordinates

Thanks DK


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I think that a de-serialized mesh is just a mesh, not a groundMesh.

Maybe is there an elegant way in JS to give to the deserialized mesh all the groundMesh methods ?

something like :

deserializedGround.prototype = BABYLON.GroundMesh.prototype;

Dunno ...

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I think I understood nothing. When I do this, it does not work.

newMeshes[0].prototype = BABYLON.GroundMesh.prototype;


2 hours ago, Deltakosh said:

If someone wants to step in to add this option (should not be too difficult)

If Jerome says has no idea, I think it's difficult. I do not even know what file to edit and what to add.

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