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What is the difference between TouchCamera and FreeCamera?


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In the tutorial : https://doc.babylonjs.com/tutorials/cameras

We can read :


The FreeCamera is also used as the base camera for many of our other cameras, so you will come to 'view' it as an old friend

and also :


The next 2 cameras... touch, and gamepad... are somewhat superseded by our new Universal Camera (explained far below). The documentation for touch and gamepad cameras are still included here... for historical reference.

As the philosophy is to keep compatibility, I think it's the reason why you will always find all the cameras.

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I like hearing camera talk.  The more info I can gather, the better chance i can update our cameras tutorial... someday.  I'm still leaning towards TWO docs, though.  Basics, and Tumor-Level.   :)

inputs.attached.  hmm.

Backward compatible.  hmm.

Three main inputs for FPS game.  hmm.

I wonder if there is a version of BJS in a secret folder... that is "rogue"... and it doesn't care ANYTHING about backward compat.  I wonder if it exists.  hmm.   BJS - Version X - Black Ops  :D  (Don't even bother THINKING-about asking for help with it.  It's black-ops, unpredictable and dangerous.)

"If the scene you created today... works again tomorrow... then you're doing something wrong."  heh

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