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Planet Walker Camera

Filipe Rodrigues

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Hello guys, I'm pretty new to Babylon.js and doing some demos.

Right now I'm trying to implement a platformer physics like Mario Galaxy. But I'm having some problems getting a 3rd Person Follow Camera around Planet working :s

This is what I have right now: 


I'm trying to do a camera that will follow my character around the planet, an effect similar to Prosecution Demo: http://cdn.babylonjs.com/wwwbabylonjs/Scenes/prosecution/index.html

Any help would be praised!

Thanks in advance

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Hi and welcome to the forum and apologies for it being a while before you got a reply. There is a lot in your code, such as the physics engine, that I have never used/ However there is a lot of unnecessary code when you are using the playground. A lot of the setup code is already done in the background that is how the playground works. Have a read of the following

http://babylonjsguide.github.io/begins/Introducing_Babylonjs and the full version here  http://doc.babylonjs.com/generals/a_babylon.js_primer

In the meantime here is a version of your code with the extra bits (unneeded for the playground) removed  http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#2IYTT#1

In case you had not already realised when using key controls in the playground you must click inside the rendering area to use them as key controls.

Good luck with your project and ask again if something else is a problem Hopefully next time you will get an answer more quickly.

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