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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, this may be a fun challenge for someone with cool results. Below is a Playground of a rectangle orbiting a cube. How to make the rectangle rotate in parallel to cube surface? (orthogonal). http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#IHBB35#1 Details: a cube is rotating on the X Axis, a rectangle has a Y position change off a Raytrace, emulating gravity, like an old time record-player. Goal: rotate rectangle to be parallel to rotating cube. Guess: Perhaps a specialized rotate from ray.direction to mesh.rotate. Problem: Half the time the rotations are correct (parallel), with cube on a margin, and half the time the rectangle length is perpendicular to the cube, intersecting. That is the challenge. Guess Details: the needed rotation appears to be a conversion from : ray.direction into mesh.rotate() <- But I have not discovered that part yet. How to do that? The notion is for an example of a Character to be able to roll a Planet. And maybe there is a better way? Thanks-much,
  2. Hi everyone, Here's my last BabylonJS project. It's a port of a previous one I had made with Unity. The concept is about Spherical Voxels. A sphere is divided in degenerated-squares, allowing to create a minecraft-like voxel terrain on it. You may try it here : http://svenfrankson.github.io/PlanetBuilderWeb/index.html And source code is available here : https://github.com/SvenFrankson/planet-builder-web Have a nice day !
  3. Hello guys, I'm pretty new to Babylon.js and doing some demos. Right now I'm trying to implement a platformer physics like Mario Galaxy. But I'm having some problems getting a 3rd Person Follow Camera around Planet working :s This is what I have right now: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#2IYTT I'm trying to do a camera that will follow my character around the planet, an effect similar to Prosecution Demo: http://cdn.babylonjs.com/wwwbabylonjs/Scenes/prosecution/index.html Any help would be praised! Thanks in advance
  4. Hi All, As the title states, I need to give an object gravity that attracts other objects. Or just send all objects towards a point but with velocity etc the same as gravity. Essentially, I need to create a roulette table, so the ball spins around then eventually slows down and bounces around the middle circle (planet) until it stops. I hope someone can help with this. As I searched for something like... game.box2d.setGravityPos( planet.x, planet.y ); Thanks in advance Matt
  5. Hey everyone ! So if you didn't get the title's hint : Is there a way to bend, fisheye like, straight sprites around a given Point so it appears to be round? The Problem I'm facing is: I want to generate a more or less random planet surface, but for that I want to use a tile set so I can just put them in a row like a plain area and then with some magic *pow* --> a planet... ...well maybe not magic but some phaser power So is there a way to trick the player with some fisheye camera technique or some sprite bending power? Thanks Exx
  6. Hello, I've finished my second game, hopefully this one is better than the previous one. You are sent on a mission to rescue crew members on an alien planet. You need to fly your way through obstacles and enemies. Hope you like it! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/19104438/Planet%20N-32/index.html
  7. Hi! I want to create a planet like gravity like Angry Birds space, or look a like. But i don't know how to start with this. What i must know? Is there some articles out there who explain it? How can i make a plateformer on a round planet without my character get stuck in the side? Thank you for your help! Note: its the same post as http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/2599-create-round-planet-gravity-like-angry-birds-space/, i wanted to move it in this thread but i don't know why.
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