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Looking For Paid-To-Play Game Developer Partners


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We run a very large points incentive website with over 100,000 users.

I'm looking into how we can create a "paid to play" incentive program, to add to our already large offering for users.

Essentially, working with developers to display advertisements while a game is being played (at end of each level for example). Every time an ad is displayed we would need a postback http request to be sent to our API.

We can handle all of the API integration, user rewards, etc - all the developer would need to do is provide us with the game and advertisements integration. You could even host it on your own domain to protect your IP.

We could work on an alternating advertisement display basis for example (our ad, then your ad, then our ad, etc). Alternatively we could license use of the games. 

This is a new area for us and I really appreciate any advice that you guys can offer us on how we can get this done?

Kind regards


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@Markk perhaps you can tell us a little more about your existing users, what they are doing on your site, how you gain value from their actions, and what you'd like them to do more of?  Answers to these questions will influence best-fit suggestions - e.g. something unique to your scenario.  Otherwise, and more generically, I'm sure there are many developers here who will readily license their games on a non-exclusive basis - myself included (link to games in my signature).  Revenue-split remains a divisive subject where demonstration of a publisher's past-performance becomes an important criteria - therefore this may be a harder sell for a new initiative? 

Edit: for other devs, Mark's site is likely https://pointsprizes.com/

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