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Rendering using transform offset


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I'm having difficulty rendering a copy of a container into renderTexture when the container has some transformation.
I'm aware of the transform parameter on the renderer.render method, but don't really understand how it's properly used - any enlightenment would be appreciated!
Here's a fiddle which hopefully illustrates my problem http://jsfiddle.net/5mydwyxd/12/

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Still having trouble applying this to my project, it seems nested containers don't play nice :(

I'm looking for a reliable 'render to texture' in PIXI and not having much joy.

To be specific, I have a nested container with some bitmap text in it. I'd like to render this container to a texture and use that as a sprite mask.
It was working in an older version of PIXI using generateTexture method, but I'd like to use the latest PIXI version.

Any ideas are most appreciated :)

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