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[SOLVED] Is there a way to force material to shader compile?


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I am starting to use ShaderBuilder for some new 'grand entrances'.  That is when a mesh is instanced (after any textures have been loaded), it is accompanied with some kind of effect & sound.  My entrances till now have been assigning temp materials, scaling, or animating a shapekey.

ShaderBuilder is actually done against a temporary mesh.  A cylinder for Teleport entrance, and sphere for a Poof entrance.  I wanted to show the mesh & any kids when 85% of the animation is complete.  Problem is, if this is the first time permanent mesh is being made visible, there is a slight hesitation right in the middle of the shader builder animations.  It just kind of ruins it.

Works purrrrfect on subsequent entrances.  Is there something I can call on the permanent meshes before I start the animation, to make sure everything is ready?  I could do a quick show while mesh was at scale(0.0000001, 0.0000001, 0.0000001), but looking to find a crap-free method.

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Actually, setting the scaling incredibly small works good.  A little bit of a hack, but I was already hacking a bit.  QI was setup not to allow new queue items to start while mesh was not enabled.  I was enabling the mesh to get the queue to process events, but setting visibility to 0.  At 85% complete, was setting visibility back to 1.  Visibility does not apply to child meshes, unlike scaling, so had to get all the descendants & apply visibility both ways in loops.  Using scaling at just the mesh is still cleaner on a relative basis.

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