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Setting renderingGroupId on Spritemanager breaks highlightlayer (PG reproduction provided) Versions 2.5 & 2.6 affected


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Setting a renderingGroupId on a spritemanager breaks the highlightlayer feature for the whole scene.
I have this bug in 2.5, but it is reproducible in the current playground:

spritemanager without renderingGroupId, everything is fine (see picture 1):


Result as expected:


setting a renderingGroupId on the sprite manager, all highlights break and are now filling out the highlighted objects:


The only change is line 114 is now commented in, the result is the unexpected and undesired filling of all highlighted objects:


Note: This is not about the interaction of sprites with the highlight layer (the whole sprite in front of a highlighted object gets colored) this is only about highlights breaking that are no where near the sprites when the spritemanager has a renderingGroupId.

Any workaround would be great. For my game I need some effect sprites to render above all 3d objects and I also use the highlight layer - this is not possible right now.

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I had found the thread you linked, but it thought it described a different issue.
I mean the screenshot/pg in the other thread shows, that the highlight layer only "breaks" when the sprite is in front of it (coloring the whole sprite in the highlight color).
In my case setting the renderingGroupId all highlighted objects break.
But I guess it could be the same reason internally.

Thanks you for showing the two camera solution in code.


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