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Unable to importmesh on iphone safari browser


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Hi everyone, I am working on a scene that requires import meshes from .babylon file, most of the time I debug the scene on android mobile browser, and I got this error while trying to load the scene in iphone 5 & 6 (ios 10.2.1 up to date)safari browser:

Error status: 0 - Unable to load myfile.babylon

this is the link of the webpage

I have no problem loading the scene on desktop, android mobile browser(chrome, firefox, opera), however, when I try to load the scene on iphone 6, most of the times I encounter the above error during the middle of importing mesh, if you open the webpage using iphone, there is a chance for you to stuck in the loading screen, when the error occurs. Nonetheless, there is a few times the scene can be successfully loaded, but only a few times.

May I know if anyone who ever got with this error knows what is going on, as I am mainly working on the content of the 3D scene rather than handle the back-end part, thanks!

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Hello, iOS is a pile of crap when dealing with WebGL, it is the new IE6 :)

if the file is big, you can try to cut it into smaller parts using the incremental loading system: http://doc.babylonjs.com/tutorials/using_the_incremental_loading_system

Other thing to check: Did you turn on the gzip compression of .babylon file on your server?

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hi @Deltakosh, the gzip compression is on,

and after I convert .babylon file into .incremental.babylon file, same link:

the first few time i am finally able to enter the scene using iphone 6 safari, but as I tested again for a few more times(every time I clear safari cache before open the webpage again), more errors shows out, an error similar as previous one shows up again:

Error status: 0 - Unable to load fileRoot/myScene.someOfMySceneMeshName.babylonmeshdata

I am surprise as there are some of the .babylonmeshdata that have this error which are actually quick small in size.

also there is a new error:

Cross-origin image load denied by Cross-Origin Resource Sharing policy.

I am not familiar with server side knowledge, but since the scene is not hosted locally, I wonder why cross-origin error still occurs...

Also this times of using incremental babylon file, these error occurs on almost all iphone (5, 6, 6s as i asked friend to help me test), previously when I use non incremental babylon file to import mesh into the scene, iphone 6s seems to have no issue, although it could be iOS having a good day and decide to have a success loading on some of the iphone brand.

iOS is really giving me a huge pain...

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At least we know it is not related to the size of assets :)

Are you seeing any issue with this scene: http://www.babylonjs.com/Demos/Sponza/ ?

If not at all then there is something in your scene configuration that iOS dislikes :)

I would suggest trying to export without textures, or without big objects, etc.. to try to reduce the list of potential suspects


Regarding the cross-origin issue, this happens when you load an image or a texture from a different url that the one the page is hosted on.

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the Sponza scene loads perfectly on the iphone 6 that previously having issue loading my page.

And in fact, I just enable offline support by setting up the manifest file. And unexpectedly, after I did that, error's gone, I am able to enter the scene again, but I am uncertain about how reliable this is as it took me a few times of clear cache and reload to finally enter the scene.

Also, regarding the offline support, may i ask, will clear cache also remove offline resource? Once I clear cache, do I have to change the version number in manifest file in order to download assets again?



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