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make all particles of a particle system relative to a mesh object


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Hi guys !

I'm struggeling on something. I want to make a static particle system that is child of a mesh for all particles to be relatively positionned to that element.

I have tried to getWorlMatrix() of mesh, to parent the mesh to particle system and mess with all matrix functions with no results...

-I have spaces cubes (8) that I move according to player position to give the effect of an infinite map (see previous post ;) )
-my particles are "dust" in those cubes that are created once and are static

But when I move my cube to another position, particles stays at the same place....

Have you got a clue ?

Edit: another noob more general question: How to select all particles as an object like (for using clone, createInstance, position...)?
Thank you guys ;)

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Ok thanks for your fast reply :) !!
I just wonder if this will cost a lot more process consumption ?

If not, I'm definitely on it !

I may have no choice but to do so in fact :/

I wonder if performancewise is best to have 8 particle systems or 1 solidParticleSystem but clonned several times ?

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