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looking for somebody to work with


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Hi, im Den, and im frontend web developer and i love gamedev. Im looking for somebody to work with.

few years i study gamedev, make different prototypes with nativejs, phaserjs, easeljs. 
with all my games prototypes i work alone and i can`t finish any project.
So im looking for people to work with some game together.

if you have some project and you need help, i will be glad to try work with you.  :)

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Hello Den!

Hopefully I'm not too late with my reply. I have a free open source game that's done with phaser (javascript/nodejs). I could really use more coding help.

The official website is https://AncientBeast.com - it includes a lot of into about the project, along with screenies and even working prototype. You can check the chat page for gitter or discord.

The repository is over here https://github.com/FreezingMoon/AncientBeast - feel free to give it a star / fork :-)


Best regards,


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