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TilingSprite with array of textures


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Hello Pixi Developers and Users

I would like first to present myself as a newcomer on the forum

Im the developer of Sprite Basic Compiler Game Engine (https://spritebasic.com) It is cloud-based game framework with Basic Scripts tha uses PixiJS as web gl renderer as long as PhysicsJS as physic engine and other librairies needed to create games like the great Kittykatattack libraries

For a demo and future game i wish to write, i would like to create a tilingsprite, for an endless scrolling background, made of an array of textures

What would be the best strategy to concatenate an array of textures, that might be of different dimensions, into a large tiling sprite, either in portrait or landscape.

Would create a large tiling sprite make performances suffer or the part of the tiling sprite that is not currently displayed would be correctly cropped from screen display/calculations?

Many thanks if you can light me on this specific



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Thanks for your reply Ivan

The thing is that i want to instantiate the tiling sprite, not from a single texture but from an array of textures.

I have 10 of them, that i want to use to make a large tiling sprite where only 1/10th of it would be drawn at the same time

It seems i can only instantiate a tiling sprite from a single texture

how can i make a single large texture from 10 textures?

When you say that only the pixels drawn counts, not the texels, it means that only part of the large texture displayed on screen will have to be processed by the renderer?

What is a texel btw?

I will for sure post a demo when i'll have succeded in making on tiling sprite from an array of textures



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