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I'm having trouble trying to load a tilemap that was created in tiled in its native tile width and height. In tiled it was 32x32 but upon loading it, it gets scaled down to 16x16, I'm not sure if it's a problem somewhere else in the code or a missing parameter. It wouldn't be a problem but a lot of tilesheets are 32x32 and scaling them down in gimp reduces image quality, doing it in the code causes odd behavior.

Things I've tried: Adding tileWidth and tileHeight parameters to the loading of the tilemap as well as the spritesheets

Removing min/max scaling

Scaling the layers to 2.0.


To be more clear: the problem is in the loading of 'spritesheet' and 'TILESET-04' which are natively 32x32 but appear 16x16


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