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vertexData is not serialized


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Thanks DK, :)

On my project I still have a bug when using getHeightAtCoordinates. on this line:

if (z < quad.slope.x * x + quad.slope.y) {

In this function :

// Returns the element "facet" from the heightQuads array relative to (x, z) local coordinates
        GroundMesh.prototype._getFacetAt = function (x, z) {
            if (z < quad.slope.x * x + quad.slope.y) {
                facet = quad.facet1;
            return facet;

I recieve :

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'slope' of undefined
    at GroundMesh._getFacetAt (babylon.max.js?1488281828:41398)
    at GroundMesh.getHeightAtCoordinates (babylon.max.js?1488281828:41335)

I think this happens when you change the terrain by raising faces. the faces of the terrain are not of quads I think.

I reproduce here with a land change. getHeightAtCoordinate not working, but we see no error in the console that I have on my project where "slope" does not define


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