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[SOLVED]Weird Behavior with Imported Mesh and Skeleton


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This is an issue I've had with multiple models.


See how some vertex or maybe a bone has points attached to the camera?

The issue seems to be with the skeleton, as removing this and the skin modifier seems to remove the issue:



I'm using 3Ds Max 2015 and the Babylon.js Exporter.

When uploading the file to Claro.io, the mesh and skeleton are both intact, but exporting to .babylon somehow removes the skeleton aswell.

As far as I know, Clara.io uses the Blender exporter, but that's no success either.

I was just wondering if anyone else has had this issue, and if yes, then maybe know a fix or a way around.


Attached is the .max file for reference.


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Well, I made a simpler model to track down to issue with a bit more ease, and it turns out the issue is due to vertices without any assigned weights.

So if a mesh has a skeleton, but one vertex or more vertices are bound by skin, but not weighted to any bones, they somehow attach themselves to the camera/viewport or whatever.

Here's a simple demonstation:

1 weightless vertex:


Same vertex weighted to a bone:


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