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Blender Export Instances Issue ... RESOLVED


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In the image below there are 2 scenes : 1. the 3D window of Blender, 2. The same scene exported as a.babylon file and viewed in the Sandbox.

The scene is a low poly "rock" and a number of instances (10) using Blender's particle system on the ground plane. The particle system  is then converted to instances (using the modifier "Convert" button)

But compare the rotation of the instanced rocks between 1 and 2 - they are different. I have highlighted 4 of the worst - but others are incorrect on closer examination. (D is really really noticeable!! :o)

Anyone any thoughts about what might be going wrong? I can provide .blend files if needed.

cheers, gryff :)


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Some experimentation with settings - and looks like progress...

The rock in the centre at top (where the cursor is) is the rock being "instanced" by the particle system

This time both scale and rotation of the instanced rock are being varied - and everything looks OK between Blender original and in the Sandbox:)

A little more checking ...

cheers, gryff :)


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FYI, I have one test blend 2 years ago where I made something that would go to an instance.  I had to look up how.  No idea about Blender particle systems.  Perhaps / hopefully the particle stuff is only just too much information.  I am now "trying to play with cycles".

I am highly likely to require a .blend file.

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@JCPalmer : Jeff I have an answer to the issue - changing the rotation type from "XYZ Euler" to "Quaternion(WXYZ)" for the mesh that will be used to create the instances (see image below).

Not sure whether it is the exporter or the particle system that does not like the Euler type rotation. So is it a fix or a work around? I will mark the thread as resolved :lol:

1 hour ago, JCPalmer said:

Perhaps / hopefully the particle stuff is only just too much information.

The particle system attached to the ground is not an issue - I use the "Convert" button to create the "instances" meshes, then delete the particle system from the ground. In the final export the particle system does not exist any more.

If you want a .blend file to play with I can post one. :)

cheers, gryff :)


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