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Random enemy spawn within a polygon


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I'm trying to get a sprite to spawn within a polygon I've drawn in Tiled.

I've imported the polygon like so:

this.bunyipSpawnZone = new Phaser.Polygon(polygonSpawn[0][0],polygonSpawn[0][1],polygonSpawn[1][0],

polygonSpawn is the corresponding Tiled map object. Which is an array where [0] is the x coord and [1] is the y.

this.bunyipSpawnZone returns a Phaser.Polygon with seemingly appropriate x and y coordinates.

Phaser.Polygon_points: Array[6]0: Phaser.Pointtype: 25x: 158y: -6__proto__: Object1: Phaser.Pointtype: 25x: 20y: -852__proto__: Object2: Phaser.Pointtype: 25x: 902y: -852__proto__: Object3: Phaser.Pointtype: 25x: 892y: -996__proto__: Object4: Phaser.Pointtype: 25x: -96y: -978__proto__: Object5: Phaser.Pointtype: 25x: -114y: 0__proto__: Objectlength: 6__proto__: Array[0]

area: -300120

closed: true

flattened: false

points: (...)type: 12


But the area is negative??? Why is that?

And I can't seem fill in the area with graphics.beginFill() to verify that the polygon is in the right place. I tried using .contains for debugging as well, but that's also not giving me a true when I expect it to.

Again the end goal here is to have an enemy spawn somewhere randomly in the polygon. But it seems I can't get a polygon working right.

the github is https://github.com/nodes777. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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