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Our first game - BabyBalloon


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Hello, we are a new indie game studio and we have just finished our first game, BabyBalloon.






We want the HTML 5 Game Dev community to be firsts to play it. We have developed the HTML5 version and the .APK will be soon in the Google Play Store.


We invite you to try it. Feedback and advices are welcome.


Thanks for all we learned from you by reading this forum.

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Wow, I don't get very far in this at all... *pop*

Initially, I thought the buildings were just in the scenery, because of the huge scale variation, but nope! That really threw me. 

Dodging enemies is good and all, but what about power ups? adding a little "bonus balloon" or something would liven up the gameplay.

-- edit: Apparently there IS a bonus balloon. I just never got far enough to see it --


that said, getting the bonus balloon actually makes you MORE difficult to control, you just cannot descend as fast.

Yes, getting an actual balloon in reality would do that. But this isn't reality, and doesn't need to play by its rules.

Me, I'd keep the lift the same, so as to not disadvantage players who lost a balloon, or gained another.

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