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Lead/Senior HTML5 / JavaScript game developer


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Do you want to help create real-time multiplayer games, played by millions? And do you want to do this in a small but fast growing company, where you have direct influence on almost every facet of the game company? And do you want to earn a good salary? Hidden Monster Games is in search for a lead/senior HTML5 developer that wants to aid Hidden Monster Games in creating accessible, but competitive online multiplayer games.


Work at Hidden Monster Games

Hidden Monster Games currently works on expanding its game ‘Curve Fever’. Curve Fever is played by half a million players a month. The game is currently built in Unity WebGL and therefor the game loads slow and the performance is poor. We want to port the game from Unity to HTML5.

We are in search for a lead/senior JavaScript developer that:

-         Is an expert in Pixi.js

-         Is an expert in React.js

-         Can setup a working environment for developers and designers with the following technology stack, or can propose improvements to our stack:

o   Pixi.js

o   React.js

o   ES6

o   Node.js

o   Babel

o   NPM

o   Cordova

-         Can get our team up to speed to start using the new technology stack

-         Can create high performing HTML5 games for a wide variety of laptops and mobile devices

-         Knows how to make the game look stunning, with cool effects and animations


-         3+ years professional experience on JavaScript work

-         You have a deep understanding of Pixi and React

-         You are well known with tools that make development of games with Pixi and React easier for programmers and designers/artists

-         You have at least a BSc degree in a technical field

-         You are willing to relocate, the job is onsite only in Amsterdam

-         You are willing to go to conferences to expand your knowledge

-         You have experience working with scrum

-         You are able to give valuable feedback on design, process and people

-         You are able to receive valuable feedback on design, process and people

-         You are able to wear multiple hats, and help out wherever necessary

-         The job is a full time job


We offer

-         A small team (8 people) that is talented and ambitious

-         The possibility to shape a team and company

-         An open and flexible team culture

-         Direct impact on the game, we let the whole company have input on the game design

-         An attractive office in the city center of Amsterdam

-         Help with relocation

-         A competitive salary



Very competitive, depends on experience. An indication: €60k - €150k


You can apply by sending an application and CV to [email protected] . If you have a github or other repository that we can look into, that would be great.

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