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Questions on prepare plugin


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Asking again about prepare plugin just in hope that someone adds new information on subject. Some time ago I started topic 

and the problem stiil exists, I tried to use prepare plugin in different ways (upload whole movieclip, upload frame by frame, add frames, and then upload so on) but nothing helped, lag still exists. I've looked at source code of prepare plugin (https://github.com/pixijs/pixi.js/tree/58ccf3381566c009c418aa305924539f372281f3/src/prepare) and I got very unclear understanding of how it works (what role play limiters and so on).

So far I have several thoughts on this, and I hoep to get feedback on them.

1. Should I prepare my atlases in some way (make their dimensions power of two, and size no more than 2048) Should it help?

2. I suppose (from reading source code) that some uploading may be stopped by limiters, where can I get more information on that? (maxItemsPerFrame and maxMilliseconds - what does they mean?)


Thanks in advance!

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Sorry, can't do anything without demo with a lag. I can look at the code and make demo a week or two later, but if you do that, I'll solve the issue in a matter of hours :)

Also, do you want to join pixijs slack or telegram html5-russian conf? I can invite you on both. You can ask author of "prepare" extension in slack.

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