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Possible bug report


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I a having trouble with the interactive elements in the minified version of pixi 4.0

To give me a fake input box 
i have an input box at the end of my dom that i make focused to take keyboard input so take the value of and place in text container.

But the minified version of pixi is stealing the focus from my input box where the unminified version is not.


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Same problem, chrome. I've create my own topic but then found this :)
OK, I'll just paste my report here:

I have pixijs webgl app with some inputs.
I have an input which uses native html input which placed out of scene and dispatches some events to my input and so on (like old pixi.input project)
Yesterday I've update pixijs from 4.3.5 to 4.4.1, and input has broken.

When hidden input is focused and I've move mouse (like usual  text selection) native unfocus event has been emmited on my hidden input without stack trace (by browser as I think).
Keydown events also doesn't work on hidden input (maybe it previously unfocused by mouse up or mouseclick event after it has been focused).

Pixi 4.4.1

Chrome - bug
Mobile chrome - bug
Mozilla - ok
Desktop Chrome with mobile emulation - looks OK, but didn't test it enough

Downgrade to Pixi 4.3.5 - all browsers works OK

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Pixi 4.4.2:http://analyst-carter-61864.bitballoon.com/

Pixi 4.3.4: http://estates-officer-polecat-75377.bitballoon.com/

Click on sprites calls focus() on HTMLInputElement to show native keyboard

Mobile safari: both verison OK

Mobile chrome: 4.3.4 OK, 4.4.2: keyboard never appear, but if you click a lot of times you could see flickering "keyboard icon" in system tray

UPD: I've attach sources


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19 hours ago, Insi said:

Okay, I've found workaround on v.4.4.4. Just focus html input with timeout (could be zero timeout)

setTimeout(_input.focus.bind(_input), 0);

Cheers B)


Oh, it works on desktop chrome, but doesn't work on mobile chrome :( Now trying to get it works.

UPD: solved with timeout 150ms, but it doesn't looks reliably:mellow:

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