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Draw sprite in perspective


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that's a tilted camera so the objects that are farther away appear smaller. 

You can accomplish this by skewing/warping the image - not supported in phaser by default, but you can modify the internal updateTransform method for display objects so the x and y axis is skewed appropriately. Or do what samme suggested and perform the transforms on a separate canvas with a bitmap data object. See this thread: 

You could also go with a more practical camera view such as isometric. In which case, you could simply rotate the image -45 degrees and reduce the height (y axis) by 50%. You end up with something like this:


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@feudalwarsI think his requirement for a perspective projection requires more effort, skewing and scaling are affine transformations and can be done with the answer provided by @samme, but projection is not I believe .. Correct me if im wrong though:p..


But switching to isometric view could be an alternative solution.

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